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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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right now on cnn, it's time to get in the last digs and details. attorneys go at it as closing arguments draw to a close in the casey anthony trial. she had to choose between two -- sacrificing two things. the first was her dreams and the life she wanted. the second was her child. >> it's reasonable doubt. all of these aspects, the way this was presented to you is all reasonable doubt. and here's the thing -- if you don't know what happened, that's it. if it wasn't proven to that you it happened, that's it.
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it's over. it's not guilty on every count. >> there's more, the judge had enough of the sniping and took attorneys from both sides to the woodshed. plus this -- a very high-profile rape case appears to be unraveling. the head of the international monetary fund off house arrest and smiling while his accuser is now being called a liar. her neighbors in new york now perplexed and some embarrassed. questions about whether she made the whole thing up. plus -- ♪ -- the story of andrew wilfred. he was killed in achlfghanistan. he was openly gay. his parents are now fighting for same-sex marriage in his homestate of minnesota. >> when you enter the military, you have to take an oath to protect and defend the constitution and to protect the country against foreign and
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domestic enemies. the enemy here is intolerance, misinformation, bigotry, probably greed. so, as a soldier, that is what he is fighting for. >> more on my conversation with them and a minnesota state senator who is trying to outlaw gay marriage. but now to our top story, we begin in orlando, florida. very soon casey anthony's fate will rest with the jury of seven women and five men. both sides today presented closing arguments. each attacked what they consider the flaws and weaknesses of the other's case. >> these types of decisions are life-changing, unchangeable decisions. and this type of evidence is reasonable doubt. that stain that never was is reasonable doubt. all of these aspects. the way this was presented to you is all reasonable doubt.
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and here's the thing, if you don't know what happened, that's it. if it wasn't proven to you that it happened, that's it. it's over. it's not guilty on every count. >> the only way casey's lies work is if caylee isn't talking. caylee's 2 1/2, almost 3. she's starting to become verbal. she's starting to talk. caylee is not going to cooperate. she can't. she doesn't know enough to lie. at some point caylee is going to say something. someone's going to ask her about zanny and she's going to say who? it just can't keep going. criminal defense attorney holly hughes is here with me.
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she's also a form prosecutor. and cnn's david mattingly joins us from orlando. david a little bit of a dust-up in the courtroom between the prosecutor jeff ashton and defense lawyer jose baez. what happened? the judge didn't like it. >> while jose baez was reaching a critical point in his closing arguments in front of the jury, he looked over and saw jeff ashton, the prosecutor, smiling. and he made a note of that. he called him laughing guy. that, of course, brought everything immediately to a halt. the judge called them both up and later came back and said you know my rules. this is against the rules. if this happens again, if either of you does anything like this again, i'm throwing you out. it was a stern warning. very late in this trial. but it just shows you how emotional things have got and how sensitive everybody is inside that courtroom. >> david, stand by. i have another question for you.
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i want to bring in holly. holly, it was unusual for a judge to do that, and he meant business. >> in fact, what he's told them, it's kind of like the umpire throwing you out of the game. what he told both attorneys is if this happens again, you know, i'm going to let it slide this time because you're both at fault. if this happens again, you guys are out of the courtroom. and whatever lawyer is left op your team sitting at that table, that's who will wrap this thing up. just belvin perry has had enough, don. we've seen these two clashing swo swords before. it's been six or eight weeks of contention and both sides are exhausted. >> i have to ask you, this seems to be taking quite a long time. what's going on here? if i were on that jury, i would be like hurry -- can you get to it already? we have seen the evidence and heard the evidence. let's get to it, correct? >> exactly. this is the mark of an inexperienced attorney, jose
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baez -- forgive me, i described the defense this way before, it's like a fart in a blizzard, don. he's all over the place. he's not making sense. he's not pulling it together. it's not cohesive. at times he contradicts himself. i was taking notes this afternoon there are four or five times when jose baez says one thing and turns around and says completely the opposite and contradicts his theory of the case. jeff ashton got up, boom, boom, 45 minutes mu. laid out what he needed. >> when did the dust-up half? after lunch or before lunch? >> this was after. >> david this was after lunch, but there was a long lunch break. i'm sure you got to sample the mood or the temperature there. take us inside of what's happening in the courtroom and in orlando, outside of the courtroom where you are as we get down to the final moments
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here. >> the jury has been paying very, very close attention to what is going on inside that courtroom. it's only been in the last hour or so that they started to f fidget around in their seats. you talked about how long the defense is taking with closing arguments, they had an awful lot to cover. we had over 100 witnesses called in this case and now they're going through piece by piece driving home the point of what they're calling fantasy forensics. they are also calling out every opportunity they can reasonable doubt saying there is no cause of death here, there's no fingerprints, there's no dna. some very big blind spots in the prosecution's case that their trying to exploit here and letting the jury know if you have reasonable doubt you have to find her innocent. >> david, we get a sense, as you said, the jury is starting to fidget what about the judge? he said, listen, i've had enough of this. what about him?
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looking at him personally and close up. tell us about that. >> we have heard him say more than once enough is enough. he's proved to be very stern with his warnings. he's also been in the moment. he was in the moment this time calling a very abrupt end to the proceedings when one person got angry and called the other laughing guy. he admonished both of them. he makes it clear he is in charge in there. he's very concerned about what the jury sees and hears because the last thing he wants in this case, particularly at this late hour, is something that would cause a mistrial. >> what about casey? >> casey anthony herself has been emotional many times today. one time when the defense was talking about what a good mother she was. she got very emotional then. she got emotional at times when the attorneys were talking about her family. again, she is on trial for her life. all of these emotions she's been going through for the last weeks
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that this trial has been going on are now reaching a crescendo. this is her last chance with her attorney to convince this jury of her innocence. of course they don't have to prove that. they just have to show reasonable doubt but this is her last chance to either get out of prison or avoid death row. so the stakes are incredibly high. >> want to tell viewers you are looking at live pictures now of casey anthony in the courtroom. we will continue to follow it here on cnn. david mattingly, thank you very much. i would love to talk to someone who can judge body language on this to talk about casey anthony. holly hughes, appreciate you joining us. there is another profile case we will be watching this week, that's the possibly crumbling case of dominique strauss-kahn. you will remember the former imf head was accused of sexually
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assaulting a new york city housekeeper six weeks ago. prosecutors thought they had an air-tight case. friday, that all changed. that's when they learned the victim had a major credibility issue. will the manhattan d.a. go ahead with charges or go for dig different like a plea deal? holly hughes, i want you to weigh in on this case on the other side of the break. the deadline for congress to make a decision on the debt ceiling is fastly approaching. president obama is catching some heat after scolding reasons in a news conference. we will ask who political experts what's at stake. and you may be asking for information on social media, you can reach out to us on twitter, facebook, and to learn more about me and my journeys in journalism, check out my book "transparent"
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available anywhere books are sold. hello, i'm staff sergeant fell lex burgos from philadelphia. happy fourth. introducing the brita bottle with the filter inside.
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welcome back. to the case that we have been telling you about before the break. dominique strauss-kahn, the powerful political player in france and possible presidential candidate charged with sexual assault against a new york hotel housekeeper. a judge released strauss-kahn on his own recognizance on friday after prosecutors learned of a possible credibility problem with the accuser, their star witness. now the case is in limbo. the question is will the manhattan d.a. go forward with the case now or drop the charges against strauss-kahn what an incredible turn of events, holly hughes. this case, you know, of course someone versus the other. it's a he said/she said. but it really brings her credibility
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into question when you hear about allegedly what she did, this phone call, this conversation with her boyfriend or some guy in prison saying i know what i'm doing. this guy has a lot of money. is this case going to go forward? >> right. i don't see how it can. what's unique about sexual assault cases, when you have dna in a sexual assault case, that's the gold standard of evidence. people would be thrilled to have that evidence. in a sexual assault case it doesn't matter. he can say or she can say it's consensual. so you've taken that out of the picture and left only the credibility of the people involved at issue. so it comes down to who's more credible. they have proven she lied to law enforcement officials. she lied on her irs papers. she lied on her i.n.s., her asylum application saying she was gang raped, and it wasn't true. how do you seriously -- how do
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you argue to a jury she's lied about all these other things in official statements, but please believe her now. >> okay. listen, i understand that. some people are saying this is a case of blaming the victim what about his past? he had issues when it has come to his treatment of women as well. why doesn't that play into it? >> should be, but there's something called prior bad acts. typically in a court of law you cannot bring in prior bad acts. the exception -- >> what about with her, though? >> the exception of that, don, is when your acts are what they call of moral turpitude or they go to deception or lies. >> got you. >> because she is -- >> because she's the accuser, he's not accusing her. >> exactly. >> i want to get this straight and bring the credibility issues forward. less than two days after the alleged victim said the attack occurred, she spoke over the phone with a boyfriend in an arizona jail. a source tells cnn she said she's fine and this person is
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rich and there's money to be made. the source also said the alleged victim had bank accounts in multiple states with several deposits of thousands of dollars at a time. the indication here that she was potentially involved in drugs. that's pretty damning stuff. could this be a case of extortion by the accuser? is that what's coming into play here. >> i don't think so. we've seen her attorney, mr. thompson, on the television saying not only is there dna evidence but that she sustained injuries as well. unless they're going to say this is a rough sex thing and she purposely injured herself to politically set her up, i think it happened. women do not subject themselves to this kind of scrutiny just to make up a story. >> i have to run, but what if this is a false allegation. will she face charges? >> she will absolutely face perjury charges. >> appreciate it. thanks again. time to get you caught up on the headlines.
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an apology from exxonmobil today after as much as 42,000 gallons of crude oil leaked into montana's yellowstone river. exxonmobil is cleaning up the spill. it started leaking near the town of laurel, about 100 miles downstream of the yellowstone national park. about 200 people were evacuated when the spill was discovered friday. state government offices in minnesota have been closed for three days now, and it's not because of the fourth of july a stalemate over the state budget has forced the shut down she is likely to drag on for days. the governor's spokeswoman said talk also not likely until after the holiday. state parks are closed, social service agencies have lost funding and as many as 23,000 state employees are set to be laid off. former president bill clinton is weighing in on the washington debate over raising the nation's debt ceiling. he urged barack obama to stand
6:18 pm
firm and he compared the surcurt stalemate to the government shutdown. that shutdown, you may remember, ended with republicans getting most of the blame for bringing government operations to a halt for nearly a month. clinton also warned if there's no deal by the august 2nd deadline, interest rates will rise and the nation's credit rating will decline. >> they're in one week, out one week. then they're saying obama's got to step in. you need to be here. i've been here. >> president obama shifted his tone of late and went after congressional republicans in his wednesday news conference. tagging them is friends of the wealthy and giant oil companies who don't always put in a fuel week's work. so let's talk about the debt debate and everything going on with two political pros here. lenny mcalister is a republican
6:19 pm
analyst and maria cardona is a strategist. is the president ramping up his negotiating skills? >> i think it is the president ramping up his negotiating, and harry reid took him up on his office because he is making the senate stay in or come back from recess next week to try to get this done. i think his point is this, don, you have democrats willing to give in. you have democrats who are willing to share the pain, who are willing to accept trillions of dollars in cuts that their base is not going to like because they understand that we have to solve this problem. republicans are not willing to share the pain. they are not willing to give in. and they need to do that in order to solve this big problem. that's what the president was saying. >> are republicans going to risk
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a financial default rather than give up tax break force millionaires and billionaires? >> i think they're not willing to risk hitting the debt limit. what they're willing to do however is force democrats and the president to come to the table and say what kind of cuts do we need to put into place? these are the same arguments we had in december of 2010, eventually the democrats and president came to the table, made some agreements when it came to the bush-era tax cuts and got other pieces of legislation passed. this is going to be, i hope, another example of both sides coming to the middle, getting this done by august and hopefully putting things in place that will get the unemployment rate down and the economy back on the right foot. >> when you start saying i hope, that doesn't mean you're saying i know. you're not confident about it. i'll let you think about it. maria will president obama sign a deal that will not include some kind of tax hike? >> i think that what the president is going to focus on -- he said this many times -- is that we need to have a
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balanced approach. we need to have a fair approach. again, he has talked about and democrats have talked about being led by joe biden accepting trillions of dollars in cuts that their base is not going to like. again, understanding that we need to give here because we do need to reduce the deficit and everybody understands that there's a lot of spending. the problem here, don, is that republicans want to continue to protect the millionaires and billionaires, the jet-setting corporate executives, and the oil and gas companies. and that is not a fair approach. and the american people understand that. >> why are you shaking your head, lenny? >> because those jet setters are also called job creators. that's who they're trying to protect. i say hope, because if the president comes as negotiator in chief, both sides will have to give up something. >> lenny, not every jet setter is a job creator. you can't say that with a straight face. >> plenty of them are job
6:22 pm
creators. they are small business creators. >> okay. all right. i'll give you that. let's talk about libya. at times the president is hearing criticism from congress on both the left and the right. earlier today republican john mccain told candy crawly that the u.s. should have done more to get rid of gadhafi by now. the president insists he is taking the right path and wednesday the president's choice of words sounded like someone else. i want you both to listen very closel closely. >> we have engaged in a limited operation to help a lot of people against one of the worst tyrants in the world. somebody who nobody should want to defend. and we should be sending out a unified message to this guy that he should step down and give his people a fair chance to live their lives without fear. >> i made a decision to remove a dictator, a tyrant, who is a threat to the united states, a threat to the free world, and a threat to the iraqi people and
6:23 pm
the world is better off without saddam hussein in power. >> two different presidents, two different military actions. lenny, is this word choice -- it's similar. is this a coincidence? >> it's not. the bottom line is president obama did not call it what it is, it's a regime change. either you go in and make the regime change like president bush did, or you stay out of it president obama is trying to tiptoe his way through this and it's not working out the way he hoped. either you say this is a regime change because this is a bad guy in there, or you stay out and you let the people of libya deal with their own problems internally. one or the other. >> maria, how long can this go on before the president faces tough criticism? is it going to be different because as long as there are no troops in harms way and you don't see the troops coming home sadly, or not coming home, that he will start to face criticism? >> i think that as long as we see progress in libya, which we are seeing, the opposition is
6:24 pm
gaining a lot of ground every single day. and there could not be more differences in the situations, don. this was not a preemptive strike the way it was in iraq. this was not based on faulty intelligence and frankly something that did not turn out to be true in terms of weapons of mass destruction which was the reason that bush went into iraq. this was based on an organic uprising that happened among the libyan people because they said it was time to get rid of dictator. not because obama said it was time. >> it's also different. one was a ground battle where a lot of people died. >> absolutely. not one single american troop is on the ground in libya now. there have been no plans to have anybody there. >> maria and lenny, thank you very much. >> thank you very much, don. >> thank you, don. an openly gay soldier killed in action in afghanistan, now his parents are picking up where he left off, challenging a minnesota state ballot
6:25 pm
initiative prohibiting same-sex marriage. i'll talk to them and the man sponsoring the bill coming up. with your mortgage, want to avoid foreclosure. candy? um-- well, you know, you're in luck. we're experts in this sort of thing, mortgage rigamarole, whatnot. why don't we get a contract? who wants a contract? [honks horn] [circus music plays] here you go, pete. thanks, betty. betty: we're out of toner. announcer: if you're facing foreclosure, talk to the right people. speak with hud-approved housing counselors free of charge at...
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. minnesota is shaping up as the next battleground in the same-sex marriage debate. voters next year will consider a ballot initiative to amend the state constitution to define marriage as one man and one woman. the family of corporal andrew wilfahrt is adamantly opposed to it. their son, who was openly gay, was killed by an ied in afghanistan last february. i recently spoke with the wilfahrts about why gay rights has become so important to them. first listen to minnesota state senator warren lemmer on why he
6:28 pm
pursued a ban on gay marriage at a time when his state is in dire financial trouble. >> i just ended a five-month session in the minnesota legislature. we focused on a lot of issues. we're a diverse community. >> your government is shut down now over a budget impasse. is this the biggest issue facing the people of minnesota? >> no, it certainly isn't. but it's one of many issues facing the people of minnesota. this was decided about a month and a half ago in the minnesota senate. the legislature, as it focused on the budget, it's an entirely different focus and an entirely different debate. we in minnesota have a number of bills that we have to define and direct as a part of the responsibilities of the legislature. >> what do you say to those parents who believe their son, who fought for everyone's right, is being discriminated against and people like him are being
6:29 pm
discriminated against? what do you say to that family? >> first, i'd want to tell them that i'm very sorry for the loss of their son. and the service that they -- that their son provided fo the people of the united states. the people of minnesota. however, that son may have had a different view than i have. but why is his views any more important than, let's say, a heterosexual soldier that lost his life in afghanistan as well? how do we define the direction? and do we just listen to one soldier? one family? do we try to include everyone in it, in this decision, and the best possible way is the next year and a half to have a state conversation. statewide conversation with the people of minnesota and give them the opportunity, and give them the right to direct the legislature on the right policy here in the state of minnesota.
6:30 pm
>> what do you say to minnesota state senator warren limmer the author of this ballot initiative who wants to ban same-sex marriage in your state? what do you say to him? >> i would say the people didn't ask to vote. people should not vote on human rights. it was -- it just kind of came out of the blue, though he was kind of planning it for years. we have a budget problem in minnesota. all these people were elected to create jobs, balance the budget. they were not asked to legislate on gay marriage. >> your son died defending our country and defending and fighting for our rights and our freedoms. and now i would imagine that you think his rights and freedoms are being taken away because he was a gay soldier, openly gay what do you think he would say about this initiative? do you think he would be fighting to keep it off the ballot and you think he would be
6:31 pm
fighting against the senator? >> absolutely. he -- this is a guy who actually read the constitution. he thought that states took great liberties with the constitution by putting topical things of the day on it. he believed it was a document that protected all human beings, and it was for equal rights. and he would be really upset by this for two reasons -- putting another amendment on the constitution that maybe is only importanto a small group of people at this period of time in history, and it marginalized himself and his community. so, yeah. he would be really upset about this. he would be doing what he could, too. also, when you enter the military, you have to take an oath to protect and defend the constitution. and to protect the country against foreign and domestic enemies. the enemy here is intolerance,
6:32 pm
misinformation, bigotry, probably greed. so as a soldier, that is what he's fighting for. >> my thanks to the family and the senator. the casey anthony trial is coming to a close. we'll tell you about the fireworks in the courtroom straight ahead. first members of the ghanaen community are concerned over the progress of the dominique strauss-kahn case. yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat
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6:35 pm
compelling evidence and lots of reasonable doubt. but the prosecution argued the defense's theory about how 2-year-old caylee died was a fantasy. casey anthony could face the death sentence if she's convicted of killing her own daughter. we could learn whether prosecutors will drop charges against dominique strauss-kahn. the former international monetary fund chief was released on his own reconnaissance friday amid allegations that a sexual assault case against him could be falling apart. the prosecution said there are credibility problemses with the accuser. for more i want to bring in sam dalnick, a reporter for the "new york times." thanks for talking with us today. >> thanks for having me. >> the accuser has admitted to lying about her asylum application into the u.s., she is from guinea, that's where she
6:36 pm
falsely claimed on hshe was gan raped what are people in the prongs community saying to you? >> there's largely a sense of bewilderment, similar to two months ago, they were at the center of this international story. again, the story has turned. there's wariness at the international media that descended upon them, and now the extra scrutiny coming on their community in general. she was apparently -- she used to cell phone cards. have the people you talked to, i'm sure some of them know the accuser. the ones who know her, what have she said about her? >> people are keeping their distance. nobody wants to get caught up in this story. especially since it's changed so much every time. the people who do know her don't want to go on the record.
6:37 pm
lots of people who claim to know her, their ties are shaky. it's a murky situation still. people are wary of the whole situation, of the whole story. they are putting the imam at the mosque, encouraging everyone to put their faith in the american justice system now. that the truth will come out and either way, whatever the courts decide, the community will support. so there wasn't a sense of a conspiracy theory at play or anything along those lines, other than the facts are still emerging, we'll see what the courts decide. >> sam, that's what i want to talk about. let's talk about the facts here. a source familiar with the case said the alleged victim had multiple bank accounts with deposits of thousands of dollars at a time. you talked to folks in the bronx who defended the victim against such claims, correct? >> well, again, people in the
6:38 pm
bronx were very hesitant to talk directly about the claims to talk directly about the case. they view this as a legal matter, that is still being decided and that is out of their hands. the people who would talk about her, you know, spoke rather generically that they knew her from the neighborhood. they never saw any connections to crimes or to drugs or money laundering. but no one ruled that out. they said that investigators are looking into it and they will believe what the case and the facts that emerge. >> whatever it is, you have to admit this is a strange turn of events. appreciate it. >> politics get physical in the philippines. that's ahead in globe trekking. from wall street to the white house, we'll have what's in store for you in the week ahead. hello, i'm specialist karen
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we begin with the week ahead on capitol hill. >> i'm jill dougherty at the white house. with the july 4th independence day celebration on monday, the fireworks continue over the budget and the debt ceiling. the senate is canceling its vacation saying it will work on both issues. president obama is at camp david and on july 4th he will celebrate the 13th birthday of his daughter malia. >> i'm kate baldwin on capitol hill. the big focus up here this week is the stalled negotiations over raising the federal debt ceiling. the house will be in session most of the week. the senate canceled its planned break in order to stay in town to continue the talks. but big divisionses we main between democrats and republicans, especially on the issue of taxes. harry reid has invited the president and the vice president to come meet with democrats wednesday to discuss the ongoing battle, but still no bipartisan
6:43 pm
meeting schedule. i'm poppy harlow in new york. the nation's change stores tally up retail sales numbers on thursday. on friday, the monthly jobs report and economists are calling for a gain of roughly 90,000 u.s. jobs last month that would follow a much weaker than expected gain in may. we need to see many more jobs created to bring down the unemployment rate. of course we'll track it all week on cnn money. >> we will be watching. ahead in sports, a new number one in tennis. we'll look at how he got there. first, bomb disposal is a dangerous job. what happens next? we'll show you in two minutes. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet.
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look at your tv. you won't believe this video. a bomb ripped apart a car in thailand. you won't believe what it did to a man who was inches away. okay. there he is. encased in a bomb suit. the outfit -- look at that. it did its job. the explosion goes off. the bomb squad member gets up. he walks away. had only minor injuries. routers is reporting someone nearby probably detonated the bomb remotely. a tip led police to the scene which is in a province of south bangkok.
6:47 pm
amazing. you are not watching the front lines in a war zone. these are the sidelines at a soccer match. who was playing when gunfire erupted? the answer in moments. first we will go globe trekking. a great story on the fourth of july eve. a new nation is forming in africa. we have the details now. so we're talking about south sudan. >> that's right. so right now africa, sudan is the largest country in africa. when this happens next week, on saturday, on july 9th they will celebrate their independence. this has been long in the making. they've dealt with decades and decades of civil war as we know. once this kicks off, it's not going to be all peachy, don. look, the south is an oil-rich region. the borders have not been def e defined yet. george clooney is one of the four people trying to make sure
6:48 pm
that no conflicts break out and everything. we've even sent an envoy from the u.s. to sudan to ensure that this is a smooth transition that takes place. this week we'll just monitor sudan very closely to see what falls out from this. >> it will be interesting, definitely, to see what happens. okay. as i just mentioned a bit ago, we know soccer, it's taken seriously overseas. why was there shooting at a game and who was playing? >> the irony here have what this was supposed to be a friendly match. it wasn't like a qualifier game. >> listen to that. >> listen. so it was a game versus -- it was the kuwaiti national team versus the lebanese national team. five minutes to the end of the game, what happens? they get into this brawl. and give me a yellow card. give me a red card. no, they got gunshots to break up this fight. what instigated it? it's still under investigation. they don't know the ins and outs yet. again, this is a story we can
6:49 pm
hear more of going into next week. but, again, look at this. you have the military marching into the field. this is the lebanese military. this happened in beirut. >> all right. disturbing. thank you. coming up on cnn -- >> i'm going stand in my yard if that's okay. >> a woman in rochester is arrested while videotaping police. but the charges are later dropped. i'll talk to her next. of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. time to deploy the chex mix boring potato chip decoy bag.
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i'm going to stand in my yard, if that's okay. >> okay. so a lot of people have been commenting on this particular story online. remember this video? rochester, new york, recording police as she stood in her yard. then police put her under arrest causing an outcry the officer overstepped his authority. the outrage turned to jeers after the prosecutor dropped the charges against the wool. you see her hugging her attorney in the foreground. hugging that gentleman right there. she spoke with me along with a columnist for the "washington democrat and chronicle." she is relieved the charges are dropped but disturbed that rochester police still find nothing wrong with her arrest. >> justice has not been done and that officer has not yet been brought to justice.
6:53 pm
he still hasn't faced the reality that he committed an unlawful act. >> this week the union of the rochester police said your episode, emily, provided a dangerous attitude. >> gone out to the public that you have a right to interfere and question the actions of a police officer is irresponsible and a danger to the officers, the individuals, the officers they're dealing with and any other bystanders. it can turn deadly in seconds. >> emily, what's your response to that? >> we don't have a right to question police officers, then we're living in a police state. if you are in a situation where you feel that your rights are being violated, you should stand up and say something, but the column that i ended up writing about this incident was, my
6:54 pm
husband and i were talking about ms. good and how she stood her ground and how brave that was, but i said that i wasn't want my son to do that because i would fear for him, due to cases like, where a man who was reaching for a wallet was actually believed to have been thought to be reaching for a gun and shot 41 times. >> we asked to interview the officer involved and rochester police officials and police union lead. but they declined or did not respond to our request. first the nfl, now the nba. both leagues may not be ready when their respective seasons begin. how long will the lockouts ask? we'll ask that gentleman right in. he'll break it down one more time, next. [ woman ] we take it a day at a time.
6:55 pm
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it's just amazing. amazing to be able to do that, you know in three days' time. over 20 years of work and come back to the place where is i, you know, where i grew up, and started playing tennis, and it all comes back to me. you know, i'm living my dream. >> all right. that is novak djokovic, and in those three days he mentioned, he won wimbledon and will now become the world's number one tennis player. "sports illustrated," joining us today, editor. you were there today. sounds like he dominated the
6:58 pm
championship match against rafael nadal. >> more or less. the fifth time in a row he's beaten nadal. done it on three surfaces. nadal, seems the more ferocious player, defended better. a great raeign of roger federer and know djokovic. the champion. it's a funny lucky era in tennis. >> i was going to ask you. you mentioned roger federer. is this a changing of the guard? either nadal or federer had won the last eight wimbledon titles. >> and those two have been number one for the last eight year. really, way above the rest of the field, and now -- you know, djokovic has been sort of hyping it down. and like the little kid brother, now he's finally in the club. it's a changing of the guard not so much as a new rivalry.
6:59 pm
a new rivalry, nadal and djokovic. nadal has to figure out what to do to beat this kid. >> we may soon not have any sports but baseball in this country. the labor front. the nba joins the nfl in locking out its players. in the nba situation more dire than the nfl situation? >> more dire. a sports epoch liapocalypse. >> the nba is much different. 23 of the 30 teams are losing money. owners are digging in their heels. i think this is going to be the much uglier labor -- it's a lot different. when you're trying to restructure things and two-thirds of the teams are losing money. there may well be no basketball for a long time. >> really? >> i think the nfl gets done. i think basketball will get ugly. what it really comes down to, how long can the players hold out without the checks


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